Adam Smith       Astroboogie   

Adam graduated in English Literature and Religious Studies and in 1990 he began studying astrology seriously at local authority evening classes. He went on to become involved with astrological groups in London and edited newsletters and journals for the Astrological Association and the Astrological Lodge. He continues to live in London where he works as a consultant astrologer and as a musician, playing and recording guitar.

In 2004, Adam was the regular guest astrologer for The Daily Mirror whenever Jonathan Cainer was away, and he has written for BBC magazines, The Times Educational Supplement, The Sydney Telegraph, The Look, Harpers Bazaar, Spirit and Elle magazines. He currently writes monthly horoscopes for Korean Elle Girl and a weekly column for Sunday Life, the weekend supplement of The Sydney Sun-Herald. His first book, Saturn: Fatal Attraction, was published in 2007 (O Books).

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