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Joanna Watters graduated in English and European literature, worked in marketing and then went on to study and teach astrology at the Company of Astrologers in London. Since 1995 she has lived in Greece where she teaches her annual Greek Island Summer School on the island of Lefkada in the Ionian. Her books for the popular market, Tarot for Today (2002) and its companion volume, Astrology for Today (2003) are based on extensive client work and have been translated into ten languages. She is especially interested in the psychological dynamics of astrology and the Tarot, emphasising that the consultation is "dialogue, not monologue".

Joanna has provided astrological copy for both national and local press, including TV Times, The Daily Star, and Cosmopolitan. She is currently a regular contributor to Chat It's Fate. Features about her Greek island courses, written by visiting journalists, have appeared in Spirit and Destiny, Prediction, London's Metro and Kindred Spirit.


     •   Reviews of Astrology For Today.
     •   The Astrologer as Therapist, extract from Astrology for Today.
     •   The Chariot, extract from Tarot For Today
.    •   Daily horoscopes sample.

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