Elisabeth Brooke           Urban Shaman

Elisabeth qualified as a medical herbalist with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and for ten years ran a London consultancy and lectured in pharmacology, differential diagnosis and clinical skills at the School of Herbal Medicine. She continues to be a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and her practice has given her an interest in the psychological aspects of health and well-being. She underwent an extensive training in Psychosynthesis and also developed an interest in astrology, teaching medical astrology and Tarot at the Company of Astrologers, London. In 1989 her research into traditional medicine took her to the Dominican Republic where she studied magical herbalism and shamanic traditions.

With a distinctive feminist agenda, Elisabeth has been a strong voice for the role of women in an historically male-dominated medical profession. She has written five books on various aspects of women and healing, and now runs seminars world-wide in Magical Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine. She is a regular contributor to BBC radio, including Woman's Hour and the World Service, and has taken part in numerous local radio phone-ins. She lives in London where her unique combination of skills and knowledge make her a leader in the rapidly developing profession of the modern Urban Shaman.

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