Maggie Hyde           Media Medium

Maggie graduated in English Literature and developed an early interest in astrology and divination through adult education and contact with a vibrant astrological community in London during the 1970’s and 80’s. In 1984 she co-founded the Company of Astrologers which has become one of the UK’s major teaching bodies of astrology, Tarot and divination.

Maggie is interested in developing popular astrology and divination, and in 1988 began writing for the media. Since then her daily, weekly or monthly astrology columns have been continuously in print in a variety of  publications. For twelve years she was both the astrologer for MIZZ magazine and wrote monthly for 19. She also spent three years on Cosmopolitan (UK) and eight years on Cosmo South Africa. She then became the ‘Media Medium’ for The Guardian online where her weekly column looked at the astrology of media companies and personalities. She went on to write a Company Futures column on financial astrology for the business section of The Observer, analysing company horoscopes using business astrology. She became the astrologer for Woman’s Own in 2002 for five years, and during this time she also wrote an online column for In 2007 she started Media Cosmics.

As a consultant Maggie has helped several PR companies to launch and promote specific products from margarine to musicals, and has done thousands of live astrology and Tarot readings for corporate entertainment at such events as the Brit Awards.

Psychology & Psychoanalysis
Maggie has an interest in psychoanalytic thought and is an associate member of the Philadelphia Association, a psychoanalytic training organisation. Her book Introducing Jung is an international bestseller in the Icon cartoon series and Jung and Astrology, written for astrologers, deals extensively with Jung’s intense engagement with paranormal phenomena and the occult.

Recent Studies
In 2007 Maggie successfully completed an MA in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience at the University of Kent where she has recently been awarded a research scholarship, as part of which she teaches on its Cosmology and Divination programme. She is an international speaker on divination, Jung and astrology.